Sri Lanka: Man Walking Home on Railway Tracks

Going Home

We followed the warm rails into the red sky, my last here. Today the lonely journey home. 26 May 2013

Sri Lanka: Flashing Saris from a train

Wild Djinns, Tossing a Heart

Past a dusty girl in a dusty ochre dress, wild hair a tangle, laughs teeth, waves. Brings joy, good fortune 18 May 2013

Nuwara Eliya - Good Luck Djinn in Tree

For the Wide-eyed & Beautiful

Written for the wide-eyed and beautiful. Both sides used children as soldiers on the civil war front lines. 07 May 2013

Shantipura - blind woman on steps

The Primary Colors of Plenty

At the top of this mountain people grow stuff and laugh. The Primary colors of plenty. 30 April 2013

Nuwara Eliya - Gentle Trader

New Men, Gentle Traders

once under a miserable socialism, now a land so lush it is startling. New men and gentle traders. 23 Apr 2013

Train to Nuwara Eliya - Temple Beside Railway

Train to the Hills

After Armenia, the land is so fertile and so green, the people so lucky, it hurt my eyes. 17 Apr 2013

Kandy - Monk

Overlooked by the Buddha

A city whose life, despite some progress, is still overlooked by the Buddha. 08 Apr 2013