Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

Estonia - Otepää - wood hostel - Apple Blossoms in yard

Women Give Me Soap

Somewhere, I own at least 8 gray suits and 16 crisp white cotton shirts. But the woman looks at me doubtfully and gives me soap. 13 Sep 2013

Estonia - Otepää - sunset on a street

Handy Place for a Harem

No Estonian seems to have heard of Puka, especially the sceptical lady at the ticket counter. But it is on the map and I show it to her. 7 Sep 2013

Estonia, Suure-Jaani: Evening Reflections on Lake

Leaving No Shadow

People in twos and threes planting, raking. Raking the graves of a generation, mine. 29 Aug 2013

Estonia - Turi: sun shadows

Time for Old Women

I persuade an Estonian officer who owns a kebab house to make me a fishburger. 12 Aug 2013

Estonia, Paide - Reopalu Cemetery - carpet of blue flowers

Looking Penniless

Landlady asks for money upfront. Later she tells me the reason: "You look like a man with no money". 28 July 2013

Tallinn - Spring - Kids on the Tracks

After 800 Years

Tallinn emerges from the winter snow as Estonia emerges from 800 years of subservience. 10 July 2013

Estonia - Elegant after a Snowfall

Tuxedo Evenings

I regret my there is no tuxedo in my backpack. The evenings here really call for a dinner suit. 15 June 2013

3 Responses to “Estonian Moonrise”

  1. tamsing

    Did you walk the forest trail from Tallinn to the Latvian border? I am in Massiaru near Kabli where you would have walked if you did it. Great blog 🙂

  2. alienheartbeat

    hi tamsing, no, I wasn’t aware of it.
    I tend to be a little light on the pre-research, going to a place and then seeing where looks interesting.
    I didn’t even know it would be a good idea to take a donkey (wink).


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