Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

Six Armenian Children

Under Here, the Bones of the Innocent

this genocide did not succeed. 27 Mar 2013

Still So Loved - Waiting Man

Still So Loved

many headstones have just a picture of the husband, and a space beside him waiting for his wife. 10 Mar 2013

Watched By Saints

A Very Good People

entering an Armenian church you are accompanied by Saints. as you leave they walk with you. 03 Mar 2013

Armenia: Disused Carriage

Our Factories Deserted Us II

where would we live if, as happened in Armenia, we suddenly became de-industrialized? 26 Feb 2013


Our Factories Deserted Us

abandoned by their factories, abandoned by their government, Armenians work their land. 18 Feb 2013

Sanahin_church - dual_headstone - closeup

I Finally Understand

a people who kept their souls despite the destructions of centuries, the desolations of today. 10 Feb 2013

Haghpat Church - Entrance Stones - Graves of Saints

The Light of the Gods

this is the place where you stand under heaven in the hall of the ancient God. 02 Feb 2013

Sanahin Monastery - Dust of Learning

Man With Axe & Carcass

most guidebook writers should be vaporized as soon as vaporizers becomes available. 28 Jan 2013

Ancient Monastery in Rubbish Dump

Born 1840, Died 1840

typical Armenian farming community, hay piled high, men moving firewood by donkey. 18 Jan 2013

Kobayr- Road Runs Along Railway

Battle Plan for 3-Legged Dog

on the road back from Kobyr I am threatened by a 3-legged dog. I prepare a battle-plan. 11 Jan 2012

Dsegh Village Lane: Women working

Worth Her Bride Price

unlike nearby Turkey there is no Bride Price here, but for a women like this there ought to be. 04 Jan 2013

Walking to Dsegh: Climbing the Badlands

A Chainsaw for the Jackals

They don't like my route. “and jackals,” they said, “in packs, 6 or 7, now very hungry.” wtf, Jackals? 29 Dec 2012

Debed Canyon, road beside river - click to enlarge

I Curse All Maps

after several near death experiences, I conclude that some maps are just made up. 23 Dec 2012

Woman Walking Her Sheep - Vanadzor, Armenia

Making a Man of Me

home-made vodka, chunks of lamb, this place may make a man of me yet. The Kazakh's view. 16 Dec 2012

Armenia-snow-covered mountains, cold plain

Missing Life Skills

running down animals and eating them is a life-skill my parents failed to teach me. A skill I need now. 09 Dec 12

Eating hand-made cheese with Armenian old lady at Goshavank

The Godless Son

if only my parents, who lamented that I was godless, could see me now. 17 Nov 2012

Walk to Haghartsin - red mist and carpet

Bad Dogs Get Eaten

the dogs sensed I had spent long periods in countries where bad dogs get eaten. 16 Nov 2012


The Indigestible Man

there had been wolf attacks in the region, though no one, to his knowledge, had been eaten. 15 Nov 2012

Lake Sevan - Falling Clouds - Approaching Storm

Last Chance Saloon

wolves, serious wolves. they made big munching motions around my head. men with sense of humor. 14 Nov 2012


Motherless Men

one of them, in a heavy accent: “you pay me now, cash” This is always a bad sign. 13 Nov 2012


Offered A Woman

“You walk so far, you are very strong. Definitely you can handle this woman” 12 Nov 2012


A Thousand Years of Prayer

these stones carry the message that everything returns to the earth from which it came. 11 Nov 2012

Armenia - Man with donkey

Narrow Road to the Deep North

I decided, like Matsuo Basho in “Narrow Road to the Deep North” in 1689, to walk. 10 Nov 2012

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