To the rare curious wishing to know,
the person responsible for this blog:

Has ridden a motorcycle alone across three great deserts, windsurfed alone down an island chain and has suffered more tropical and desert diseases than all except some dead anthropologists.  He appears clearly the worse for wear.

Grew up in Sydney, polite and diligent.  His degree mainly in pure mathematics left him ill-equipped to survive in an uncaring world.  He worked several years in a pale dungeon in the department of Computer Science, doing things that, if he had any business sense, would have made him millions.

Studied ballet and modern dance, to the disbelief of his ill-fated partners.  Choreographed and performed briefly, until common sense prevailed.

After returning from a two-year motorcycle ride from Singapore to London, he fell into business.

His work as a company doctor included leading the repair of an insurance company, and of a large bank that earned him a sketch on the front page of the Asian Wall St Journal.   He ran his own turnaround company in Hong Kong for several years until it was acquired by a type of polite and well-educated capitalist that he had not previously encountered.

He has lived most of the last twenty years in HK/Beijing/Shanghai, and despite being washed over by 10,000 years of Chinese history and culture, seems none the better for it.

Has written op-eds for the Asian Wall St Journal / Wall St Journal, but these did not make him any friends.

Speaks Chinese, has had bits of his life story in the Chinese papers, and has, somewhat unintentionally, and to the amazement of the parents of women who had been thinking about marrying him at the time, appeared on the Chinese National News.

Michael F. Coorey


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