Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

When a people are beggared, adults lose half their life, children lose it all.

Luckless and she knows it:

Mahajanga - dusty girl, kid, coconuts

Likely they will sleep where they are standing.  Luckless but they do not know it yet.

Madagascar - family of kids

This girl motioned me to take her picture.  It turned out she had never seen her own face.   In the villages many children when shown their picture do not recognize themselves.  But I did not expect this in the city.  Luckless, and after speaking to her, past the point of repair.

Madagascar - girl selling mandarins

I followed and met these two again later.  Not past the point of repair, but no repair on any horizon.

Madagascar - small girl carrying kid

Luckless.   Like everyone they knew.

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