Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

Walking the street late one evening, this boy walked with me for a while, carrying a stick, a sack and an empty coke bottle.  I made several attempts to take his picture and finally got enough light from some oncoming headlights.

Antananarivo - street boy - bit of light

He seemed much gentler than many kids on the street that evening, a lovely face, almost tender.  I got another picture a few minutes later with light from both a building and another headlight (helped by ISO 6400).  With his stick and his whitish disney pyjamas he looked like he was sent to lead me somewhere.

Antananarivo - street boy - more light

After about five minutes he stopped walking with me to continue his own business.  A short while later I saw him in a rubbish skip, foraging with two or three older people.  Now I understood his stick and his sack.   But not his tender face.

2 Responses to “Almost Tender”

    • alienheartbeat

      given the surroundings in which he was growing up, and his job that night, it was hard to believe his inner light.


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