Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

When you are poorer, making a living is a usually family affair.  This girl was attending the ‘shop’.  She looks formidable enough though.

Antananarivo- small girl minding the store

Many of the better off were people who sold stuff from blankets and baskets, and against walls.  These two sold nice stuff, and so their customers would have had a bit more money than most.

Antananarivo- jewellery sellers

This woman, mid 30s, elegant and self-possessed, had a table out in the street, selling dinner.   She wasn’t ignoring me – she wanted her photo taken in profile.

Madagascar girl selling dinner

I saw a few of these guys.  Walking around, setting up their tables for a while, then moving on.  They were doing less well then some, but smiled easily.

Antananarivo food seller

Also happy were these grizzled gents sorting fish.   The guy at bottom left reminded me of Zorba the Greek, and to his right the tough guy is somewhat compromised by a pink beanie.

Madagascar work - fish sorting

Of course one of the problems of work here is that sometimes it is dangerous.  These guys are repairing boats.  Lying in the mud, under them, as the tide comes in.  They were all young – no middle-aged men among them.  Surprising given that this is not unskilled work.   Probably it is as nasty and dangerous as it looks.

Mahajanga Boatworkers

And no matter how hard you work, sometimes making a living is just tough.  You only have to look at their faces to know how tough.

two carters - streets of Antananarivo

6 Responses to “Making a Living”

  1. itchierfeet

    Nice story and images. In my own experience I have found that the less people have the more easily they smile, and this makes me want to spend more time with them – perhaps this is why I am drawn to travel outside of western cultures as much as possible.


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