Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

I am in the bottom of a deep, narrow valley and today the plan is to walk 11km to the top of the surrounding mountains to a town called Dsegh.  Then after lunch another 4km down the mountainside to some 8th century ruins.

I mention the route at breakfast.

“Wolves” they said.

“No problem,” I said, “I have a Big Stick and a Knife.

“And jackals,” they said, “in packs, 6 or 7, now very hungry”.

Jackals??  Wasn’t this (sort of) Europe?  I hadn’t read anything about jackals.  But then nobody had written about the wolves either.

OK, so what do I need for packs of jackals?  A chainsaw!  I imagine being surrounded by slavering jackals, firing up my chainsaw and growling, “Come on punks, make my day”.  But the nearest chainsaw shop was at least one, maybe two countries away.

So, only lightly armed – no chainsaw – I set out.  It is -8°C, clear and sunny as I cross the bridge into the badlands.  As if to emphasize that you are now on your own, some of the railings on the bridge are missing.

Farmhouse from the bridge to Dsegh

Through the gap a farmhouse, the last for a while.

I walk a few hours.  Sunny, fresh, nothing trying to eat me, though I don’t see anybody else walking.

Walking to Dsegh: Entering the badlands

As I climb, snow on the surrounding mountains; it is quite beautiful here:

Walking to Dsegh: Climbing the Badlands

I reach the top: not as I was expecting, a mountain ridge but a high plateau covered in pastures.  The valley I’ve come from is just a narrow gash cut into the immense plateau.  From a distance it almost feels like you could jump across.

On Dsegh Plateau above Debed River Canyon

A lovely road and a beautiful climb.  I start to wonder why I listen to these people.  Maybe I will cancel that mail-order chainsaw.

(events 30 Nov 2012)


8 Responses to “A Chainsaw for the Jackals”

    • alienheartbeat

      Yes. But the imagaes here are so small it is hard to really see. I plan to look for a new theme that allows for bigger images.

        • alienheartbeat

          Yes, I saw it. I use the sidebar to make my favorite posts easily accessible so they don’t just recede into history. The top menu works poorly for this. And I think few people ever click on “Archives” as you have no sense of what might be in there.

  1. Zhang Wenjie

    missing railings – the wolves and jackals dismantled them for breakfast. It’s a good thing you evidently have balls of steel. The view is simply breathtaking. But… wolves…. dude.

  2. alienheartbeat

    I mentioned in another post that while attacks happen, people don’t seem to get eaten. As for jackals, well, I don’t even really know what they are. But I have to say, stopping for photos made me a bit nervous. And I kept my big stick handily leaning against me while I did it.

    • alienheartbeat

      Thanks. Yes I was wondering about how best to get from place to place when I had a sudden flash of inspiration – just walk. Armenians (with one exception) generally thought it a bad idea.


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