Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

After a month or two, the sun comes out on a bare but sunny park;  dead grass reviving, optimism in the air.
Kids gather on old railway tracks:

Tallinn - Spring - Kids on the TracksA tram trundles through a quiet park;  trees pull their souls back up from the cold earth:

Tallinn - Spring - Tram in a ParkThe city, buried for months beside a frozen sea,  emerges; just as this country now emerges from 800 years of subservience.[1 ]

Tallinn - Emerging from the SeaBut despite the still bitter wind from the north, the evening is beautiful.

Tallinn - Spring - Icy Stream

I walk home along frozen stream and quietly singing grass.

(events April 2013)


[1]  Estonia was independent only from 1920-1940, and now from 1991.  In one struggle in the 1600s, more than half the population died.

9 Responses to “After 800 Years”

  1. Anonymous

    “In one struggle, more than half the population died.” Yeesh. Sounds like the American Civil War, North against South. Such a bloody mess.

    • alienheartbeat

      Yes, and civil wars have an extra nasty dimension: family members and friends finding themselves on different sides fo the struggle. In this conflict I suspect more than half the deaths were civilian starvation, a side-effect of long wars.


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