Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

My b&b is a quiet wood place amid a mass of flowering apple trees:

Estonia - Otepää - wood hostel - Apple Blossoms in yard

My room is big enough to get a cow in but not turn it around.  I ask the landlady about the soap.

“No soap.  Guests bring own soap.”

I worry about what kind of guests she usually has:

“Do all your guests carry around soap?”

She sniffs the air slightly:

“Of course.”

Somewhere, I own at least 8 gray suits and 16 crisp white cotton shirts.  But the woman looks at me doubtfully and gives me soap.

Nearby gardens, unkempt in the style of Monet, rife with tulips:

Estonia - Otepää - Monet's GardenI head out for lunch along worn but neat roads.  Working men pass me quietly on old bicycles:

Estonia - Otepää - old road - green houseI stop under a tree for a lunch of bread and cheese, and an apple.  I am joined by frogs, cruising waterbirds and a cool breeze:

Estonia - Otepää - lake with pine treesI walk till evening.  Tall thick forest everywhere I look; 21:00 and still light.

Estonia - Otepää - forest - farmA clear, bird-chorused evening: cool, green and wet.  22:00, and a long sunset barely makes it through the trees:

Estonia - Otepää - Evening Garden with white flowersTwilight.  Cuckoos call among the dark pines.  A transparent Estonian moon offers evensong.

(events 19 May 2013)

9 Responses to “Women Give Me Soap”

  1. Sam Han

    Beautiful. So serene. I love the unkempt garden. It’s picturesque with the tulips, you say?

    • alienheartbeat

      Yes. There were so many like that I had to stop taking pictures of them. I liked this one as well, but it was much more orderly than the one I decided to insert:

  2. Zhang Wenjie

    The forest – gorgeous. I take it there wasn’t a cute toiletry bag with floss, q-tips, toothpaste and a tiny toothbrush either..

    • alienheartbeat

      The forest – I guess you mean the 2nd last picture. Almost didn’t use that one. Can you believe I took that at 22:25:55, ie almost 11pm! But I had to use ISO 400 and 1/6″, hand held, so it is a bit dark and vague. I prefer pictures much crisper and clearer.

  3. Anonymous

    woow, amazing places, they are too good to be on the Earth)))


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