Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

Rising in the mountains of Eastern Tibet
the Mekong flows through the history of China, Burma and Thailand
before bringing its ancient currency to Laos.

Laos: Mekong river and mountainsWith the evening
a mist comes down between the mountains to the river,
like a tide of souls.

Laos: mist coming down mountain to riverTo be born on this bright and muddy river

Laos: girl playing in riveris to be born with the weight of the past at your back.

Laos: girl,river,mountains(events 4 Oct 2013)

20 Responses to “A Gift of Prophecy”

  1. Jadi Campbell

    ‘Like a tide of souls’.. What a beautiful and perfect way to describe that part of the world and its river. You capture exactly my sense of it.

  2. Millie Ho

    “… to be born with the weight of the past at your back.”

    Best pairing I’ve seen so in a long time.

  3. Sam Han

    a beautiful place with so much sadness. i hope to visit Laos one day. maybe the year after next. getting myself physically fit first.

    • alienheartbeat

      yes, a beautiful place. But doesn’t seem so sad. Life sits lightly on the shoulders of the Lao. Really very nicepeople.

      • Sam Han

        i’m sure they are nice. my recent trip to Johor, the people were real nice too except for one trucker who tried to run us down at the traffic junction. that was a scary episode! you take care and remember to eat well 😀


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