Listening for the Alien Heartbeat

So, the hoodlums from the last post, where did they come from?  Likely from parents so lost in their own struggle

Antananarivo street family

that the kids are left to survive on the street as best they can.  I watched these three as they took five minutes just to walk past the food sellers to cross the road.

Antnannarivo three street kids

After watching me for a while, these boys asked me to take their picture.  As is often the case, a couple of them covered their faces or looked scared for the 1st few pictures

Antananarivo - four street boys

but eventually relaxed and posed as they realized the camera would actually do them no harm.

Antananarivo - five street boys

Why, anywhere in the world, are there kids who think a camera can harm them?

One of them, maybe 4 years old, so afraid in the earlier pictures, but still with a baby’s willingness to trust:

Antananarivo - small street boy

Antananarivo - boy with sack


And this kid in clothes so dirty he is hard to see in dim light.


I saw him carrying a sack of rubbish like the angel face kid later that same evening.


I don’t know where he was going, but it likely wasn’t to a full meal.


4 Responses to “Willing to Trust”

  1. sandy duffield

    what is the average daily temp there?
    Im guessing its winter and cold?
    love the blog,stay safe and happy travels. sandy.

    • alienheartbeat

      thanks. Yes winter, as it is southern hemisphere. Goes below 10C at night, above 20C in the middle of the day. The pictures of the boys were early evening so I guess temp was about 15C. The pictures look a bit brighter because they were taken at ISO1600 (let’s in more light). mc.

  2. DD

    Those kids are adorable. Breaks my heart to see how much those kids have, compared to my own. One needs a strong heart to travel in these places. DD

    • alienheartbeat

      yes. I have been trying to show different sides of the life, clearly and without exaggeration, or emotion. But some of the posts were really tough to write, and tough to re-read later.


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